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Yoga Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Oleson

If you've taken one of Sarah Oleson's yoga classes then you already know - her gift is a gift to us all.

We are so grateful to start off our Yoga Teacher spotlight with Sarah. More than just teaching on the beach at Groundswell every week, she also is the fearless leader who crafts the weekly beach yoga schedule and communicates with all the teachers.

Her offerings outside of classes extend to her online membership which offers online classes available anytime and live flows. For more information check out her website and read through her interview below to learn more about Sarah!

  • How did you discover yoga?

My mom used to bring me to her meditation and yoga classes in our hometown when I was really young. I remember being so curious... what are these people doing and why is it so quiet? But, I loved it. Around age 12 I refused to go anymore because of course at that age it was not "cool" to do anything with your mom. I picked it up again in college and  fell back in love with the practice. My mom is in her 70's and still has a daily regular practice and she takes a lot of my classes! 

  • What do you like most about teaching?

Community and connection. 

There is something so special about going into a yoga class or leading a retreat and seeing people  make lifelong friendships, laugh, move and breathe together. It is something I cannot describe. We all lift each other up, and it drives me to keep teaching more. Then, there is the connection to the self. I love When I see a student have an Ah-HA moment, when they truly understand WHY we practice. 

  • Where is your favorite place to practice yoga outside of teaching ?

Bali, Indonesia.

It is like a dream, a place you only would read about. It is all true. The people, the food, the connection to nature and spirituality. I first went to Bali in 2014 for my first YTT, and  the Island has called me back three more times !I am leading another retreat there in March... wanna join? :) 

  • What can we expect in you Groundswell yoga class?

My classes at groundswell always begin with breath and gratitude for the practice. I teach a slow flow class, so it is accessible for beginners as well as seasoned yogis. I allow students to be present in the sound of the ocean, feel the sunlight, and remember to have  fun and laugh as well. 

  • What do you love about the Seacoast?

Everywhere I go, I am always called to water. I think it is from growing up on the seacoast...we never had a television and were just told to "get outside!" Now that I think of it, the old school new England vibe is pretty "yoga" . We are  strong, thankful for family, and love to hug it out. 

  • What are your passions outside of yoga?

My husband is a snowboarding coach and also travels for work, so anytime we do have together is really special. We try to do mini-getaways to Cape Cod, turn off our phones and sit on the beach and read some good books and catch up. I Try to see my girlfreinds for a walk once a week as well as my dad, he is the best person to get advice from and I call him my Guru.

I also am on the board of Directors for two non-profit organizations, karma is part of Yoga and it is essential that we give back. Lucy's Love bus is a non profit organization that delivers comfort to children and families that sufffer from life threatening illness, we provide integrative medicine like accupuncture, yoga and reiki when health insurance will not cover it. 

Learn more about Sarah, her membership, classes and retreats on her website:


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